Sunday, April 25, 2010


This is something I read in 1993, and it really spoke to me. I found it recently and still love it, so I wanted to share it here.
"Namaste'. Shalom. Aloha. Peace. Or, if you're a real stickler: The part of me that is most pure loves the part of you that is most pure and within that relationship, we are One. Someone once told me I'd be lucky if I found namaste' with six people in my whole life. I decided she was mistaken, that namaste' is something to be cultivated, given away, celebrated.
After all, it's the invisible connection between us all. The recognition of lives past and lives to come. In India, everyone uses namaste' as a greeting, and they say it with their hands flattened together, as if in prayer. A solemn bond, namaste'. Stronger than just about anything.
And by the way, I've felt namaste' with places, ideas, pieces of music, friends, lovers, even check out girls at the grocery store. You never know. So keep your eyes and your heart and your soul open. Wide. Give namaste' away in bunches, like flowers, to everyone you meet. And when a big dose of it comes your way, in return, rejoice and hold on. For good. Becomes when it comes, it'll come from one of those Big Six. If you're lucky.
And sooner or later, aren't we all?"

Tony Buchsbaum/THE magazine
Santa Fe, NM
May 1993

Sending you love and light....and namaste'.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Today I was blessed with two doses of inspiration, within 10 minutes! I love when this happens, when you are able to be open and free and let things just come in.

I was going to meet a friend for dinner, and pulled into a busy parking garage in Burbank. As the cars in front of me slowly found spaces, I inched along. Then I saw a space up ahead, with only one car in front of me. I crossed my fingers they wouldn't see it, but they did, so I continued on my hunt. I turned the next corner and found an even better spot, closer to where I needed to go. As I parked it ocurred to me that this is a lot like life. You think you know what you want, what will make you happy. Sometimes you get it, sometimes you don't, and sometimes the Universe has something even better just don't know it yet! I think of this when I hear the Rolling Stones sing "you can't always get what you want, you can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need"!

A few minutes later I was waiting for my friend outside the restaurant as he had phoned to say he was running late. I stood there by the entrance, staring at my "view" such as it was, the concrete side of the parking garage and another building. After a few minutes of this, I decided to walk just a bit while waiting and headed down towards an open air mall about 20 yards away. I walked out into it just in time to see the last of the sunset, pink clouds floating in the flourescent blue sky. A tiny crescent moon was hanging, perfectly framed between two palm trees, while a street musician just happened to be singing one of my favorite songs. I thought to myself "Wow. Just a slight shift and everything completely changed." I was reminded it's within our power to make changes to the way we think and our perceptions, and sometimes it's a small shift to do it. It really is true "Change the way you look at things, and the things you are looking at appear to have changed."

Sending you love and light.