Saturday, August 18, 2012

My Dream of Lemuria

Through my life I have dreamt of other times, and other places, both while sleeping and awake. In my early 20's I began having occasional sleep-dreams that felt and seemed more like memories of previous lifetimes. These dreams were always much more vivid than my regular dreams, and also events occurred in normal, rational order, rather than the random-jump-cut-bizarre-happenings of my usual subconscious-downloading type dreams. The other common factor of these dreams is that I occupy other bodies than my current one. Last night I experienced one of those dreams, and I felt inspired on waking to write it down. It may seem like fiction now, but as it was happening it felt more real that where I am at this very moment.

My "Kumu" or teacher of Hawaiian spirituality says that there once was a continent in the Pacific Ocean called Lemuria. It existed at the same time as Atlantis, and they were both wiped out in the same natural disaster. She says that the Hawaiian Islands are all that is left of Lemuria, the tops of the mountains that sank beneath the sea. She believes (as do I) that many of us feel drawn to be here, the "heart chakra of the world" because we had lives in that place, long ago. Last night in my dream, I was again in that place, in a time long past. Here is what I "knew" about myself in this dream:

~My people were a race who came from the stars. We settled in a place that is known in your history books as the Garden of Eden, a lush, tropical paradise with green mountains and beautiful waterfalls. We were advanced spiritually and scientifically, building crystal towers and pyramids for living and meditation. We were very tall, with golden brown skin and hair, and slanted turquoise eyes. Swimming in the ocean daily was very important to us, for cleansing and restoring our powers. We had the ability to stay under water for long periods of time, and played with the dolphins, turtles and whales. We were able to communicate telepathically, with each other as well as with the spirits of the animals, plants and trees. We were also able to levitate, and to float through the air, using our minds. We were a gentle race of peace and love, there was no fear, no anger, no war. We were so love-filled that the animals were not fearful, and sometimes would decide to come and live with us, not as a pet, but as an equal, a friend and also a guide. A white tiger lived with me and my family, the same spirit that currently lives with me, as my dog in this lifetime. Healing techniques were performed with crystals, and this was my job in this place. We healed not just the body, but also the mind and heart, as they must be healed together. Healing was needed when the mind would begin to have fearful thoughts of separation and lack. We would treat this condition with the large crystals that we brought with us from the stars. There came a time of darkness, and then the continent vanished under the sea. Many of us chose to reincarnate in ancient Egypt, as that civilization was very advanced for its time. ~

Whether this is a memory of a previous life or merely a beautiful dream doesn't really matter to me. It's the underlying message that is important. I saw many people in this dream of Lemuria that I know in my current lifetime. I believe we are coming together now to use our deeply encoded spiritual knowledge from those times to help the world find love and peace. This dream is a reminder to me that we are so much more powerful than we realize and that what we are experiencing now is only a tiny part of our eternal soul's existence.

Sending you love and light, and sweet dreams of a peaceful world.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

You are a Spiritual Warrior

You are reading this, felt drawn to read this because you are a miracle worker. You came here on a divine contract, to live a human life, to help the human race. You were sent to bring love and light to a darkening world. As Marianne Williamson writes: "You have a mission-to save the world through the power of love. The world needs healing desperately, like a bird with a broken wing. People know this, and millions have prayed. God heard us. He sent help. He sent you."

The energy of the world is becoming more intense, "thicker" as the Light Counsel puts it. Can you feel it? The tipping point has been reached. All the hoopla about 2012 is not just hoopla, it's truth. The time has come. The time is now. Like Neo in the Matrix, you are the One. Things are getting worse, but things are also getting better, because more people have woken up. More people understand now that the battle is on. And if you are reading this, you have been Called. You are a Spiritual Warrior. It's time to take up arms. It's time to fight fear with love. It can be done, see "Gandhi", see "Jesus".

The financial principles that our world is currently founded on are crumbling. Governments are being over-thrown. We stand on a precipice, and it is time to decide whether to jump and make a leap of faith, or to cling in fear to the falling rocks. We are the only species that systematically destroys our own habitat. People are starving, going without clean water, dying of AIDS, not because God wills it, but because we are allowing it. It's time for us to see that we are ONE, and if I allow these things to happen, I am allowing a piece of my own soul to be eaten away. If your children were threatened by these things, you would do anything in your power, fight anyone, beg, borrow, or steal to do what you needed to do. It's time for us to realize that they are ALL our children.

You are a being of light. You have woken up. You know the truth. You are a Spiritual Warrior. The time has come to step into your power.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Spiritual Reminders for Modern Times

I recently attended a channeling event where 12 light beings who call themselves the "Light Counsel" came through a medium to share many excellent insights for us earthlings living in these crazy modern times. Where these statements came from does not concern me, what interests me is that they resonated very strongly with my higher self as "truths", and I am inspired to write about them. 

I have written before about my belief that "life" as we know it is actually a classroom, a course in "Being A Human 101" that we beings of light signed up for, before we were born. I think the ultimate purpose of this "class" is to teach us to return to our natural state of pure love and joy, but while in a human body. The Light Counsel put it this way "Life is an experiment...of light beings. The purpose of humanity is to come to One consciousness." They went on to give advice on how to accomplish this One Consciousness: "Be quiet and just listen. Get out of the mind...too much thinking, not enough feeling. Move to the heart. Quiet the mind, go within. 'Feeling' comes from the soul....take action on that." They went on to talk about the "outer world" that we live in, and how so much of it is merely "entertainment" as they put it, distracting us from looking within. "Everything lies within, and this is the opposite of your culture."

I think this really hits home. Western culture is so focused on this "outer world", how much money you make, how big your house is, how much cool "stuff" you have, etc. We are completely missing the point of our existence! In addition to all those distractions, we actually try our hardest not to feel, self-medicating with food, sex, alcohol, drugs, and buying more stuff that we don't need. We need to stop, get still, go within and listen. Our higher self knows why we are here, and it will tell us, if we only take the time to listen. I believe the Light Counsel actually said something like "Close your mouth, close your eyes, and listen!"

One of the other main messages I received during this session was the affirmation that since the main point of our existence is to learn, the lessons come through both negative and positive experiences. There are no "problems" to be solved, only challenges to be learned from. Every "problem" arrives with a gift for you in it's hands, if only you are open and willing to receive. I believe that many challenges and difficulties are meant to move us closer to Spirit, closer to love. To paraphrase Marianne Williamson; "When things get hard, people hit their knees. We need to learn to stay there!"

Another interesting point was the Light Counsel's take on disease, or as they said "Disease = a body not at ease. Disease is a allows you time, time to make peace in your life...and teaches you to live in the moment, to realize what is truly important in life." Again, what we think of as a "problem" is actually a gift, a lesson in this class we call "life."

I am so grateful to have been present for these excellent reminders about the "reality" of life, and especially about the importance of getting still and going within. Now more than ever, the world needs us to be aligned with our higher selves, and to bring forth as much love as we can.

Much love and light to all.