Sunday, March 9, 2014

Choose Forgiveness, Free Yourself

Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who helped lead South Africa through the demise of apartheid knows a thing or two about forgiveness. He and his daughter have written a book on the subject, and I happened to see them interviewed this morning. Here's a paraphrasing of their thoughts on forgiveness:

Forgiveness is a spiritual tool in the light-worker's tool box. When you forgive someone it doesn't mean you endorse what was done, or absolve them of the act, or forget what happened. It means that you choose to release the anger and negativity that keeps you energetically tied to the person. It means that you choose to no longer "hold it against them", as the energy required to hold this negativity drains and continues to punish you far more than it does the other person. Choosing to forgive brings you peace of mind and peace of spirit. Forgiveness is freedom, a gift that you choose to give to yourself.

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Do You Know Who You Really Are?

In the physical world there is a lot of emphasis placed on appearances, so much so that often our own sense of identity is constructed exclusively around how we appear to others. But you, the real you, is not your body, your face, your teeth, or your hair. This is merely a “flesh suit”, a  “human costume” that your spirit has chosen to wear for a time, in order to be able to experience and enjoy the physical realm. “You” are not even your thoughts, for those originate from your human mind.

The real you is a glowing, star-bright being, a spark of divine creation, a beautiful bundle of glittering particles of love and joy. You are a cell in the body of Spirit/Source/God. You came to this world for the merest blink-of-the-eye in the span of eternity to live, learn and love. Life is not meant to be a struggle, and once you “remember” who you truly are, it will cease to be.

Wishing you the power to make this connection and have a magical, miraculous, love-filled life. And so it is…..