Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Care and Feeding of Your Soul

We all know, in theory at least, how important it is to eat right, to exercise, and to take good care of "yourself". (I put that word in quotes because in this physical world, we think of "ourself" as our body.) But just as important as feeding and caring for your body is the idea that we should feed and care for our soul, for this is the real "self". What does this mean though, to "feed" your soul? The answer is different for every person, I can only tell you what works for me. Spending time in nature has always been soul-nourishing for me, preferably being quiet and reflective. When I was a child away at summer camp in the Texas hill-country, or the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, I felt more in the presence of "God" than in any church on Sunday morning. In the midst of all that natural magnificence I could not question the existence of a Supreme Being/Power, or my connection to it.

Reading books that stimulate my thought processes regarding my own spiritual growth, and my place in the Universe is also very important to me. Finding friends who are on the same path to discuss our discoveries and beliefs is essential, as hearing their experiences and viewpoints often stimulate my own soul-and-mind expansion. Writing this blog has become a weekly "exercise" session for my soul, strengthening my beliefs and my ability to express them to myself clearly. (It's lovely that others, all over the globe are reading my words, and getting something from them, but ultimately I am pouring my soul out on this "paper" for myself to see and understand on a deep level.) But more than anything, meditation has become my "gateway" into the world of Spirit. This daily practice allows me to find that still place inside myself, where my true "self" resides, and to tap into that deep connection to All-That-Is. This is the "food" that keeps my soul in control of my daily thoughts and my actions and keeps me "in the flow", connected with the fear-less part of me that is pure love and light.

Now I live in Hawaii, and like my 7 years spent previously in Santa Fe, I am discovering what a huge community of like-minded people there are here! So many are drawn here, for the natural beauty of course, but also for the deeper spiritual connection to Source that occurs naturally in such a place. In addition, so many of the local people are very rooted in the spirituality of their native culture. I am so happy to be finding so many possibilities to expand my growth; classes, channeling events, talks given on ancient Hawaiian spirituality by "kupuna" or elders. And so many beautiful souls to have these deeper conversations with! I love that I have so many friends here who, when we get together for dinner or coffee, the talk turns to sharing our most recent learnings and discoveries about ourselves. It is truly such a nurturing environment for my soul to grow and expand in, I feel so blessed, and know that moving here at this particular time in my life, was the quite possibly the best thing I have ever done for my true "self", my soul.

I have spent much of my life pursuing what I can see now has been a "spiritual path." I think more and more people around the world are currently "waking up", realizing that their soul is HUNGRY!! I think that's why people in all over the world, but especially Russia, Estonia, and China are reading my blog. We are a world community of souls now, we are now connected by technology the way we are connected as ONE, spiritually. It's 2012, governments are being overthrown, violence in the streets, things are getting crazy. We are a global-community now, these events create a ripple-effect that reach us all, no matter where you live. It's clear that more and more people are coming to understand that the world as we know it is broken, and only by feeding our souls will we be able to fix it.

Last night I had the good fortune to attend a dual-channeling event, to hear the words and enlightenment shared by the "Light Counsel" and "The One", light beings from far outside our Universe who are watching our growth from afar. They gave us some beautiful words and ideas, but the most important advice was this: Our world is in crisis, right now. No one is coming to save the day, it's up to US. And that the most important thing you can do, as an individual to prepare for this, and to help with this is to FEED YOUR SOUL....whatever that means to YOU. If you are not feeding your soul daily, it's time to start. If you are already doing this, it's time to do it more. Just as you set aside time for physical exercise, it's time to go within. For only by going within can we return to love.

Peace, love and light to all.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Becoming the Eye of the Storm

Last week I wrote about my current stage of emotional and spiritual growth, recognizing that I had allowed someone else's fearful thinking to drag me into an unloving state of mind, and about the challenges of staying grounded and rooted in love when others around us are choosing fear. In order to learn to hold yourself open in love, no matter what anyone else says or does, you must look within and see where it is that you "hit the wall". What causes you to close up and shut down? Where is your boundary that once crossed, causes you to forget love and choose fear, disguised as guilt, shame, anger, jealousy, or bitterness? This is your wall, and your wall protects your wounds, places you've been hurt and have come to believe something negative about yourself. We've all had events in our lives, usually in childhood, that taught us to tell ourselves false stories about our worthlessness, our imperfection, our unlovable-ness.

When someone else points out my flaws or mistakes, for instance, it is my own deep belief that I am "not good enough" that causes me to react, and to feel miserable. This kind of reaction is an indicator that on some level I believe these things to be true about myself. This is the wound that must be found, and healed within me, with self-love and forgiveness. Once this is accomplished, I will be able to stand strong and not be sucked into the delusion they are creating. I can stand strong because I know the truth about myself. I am a beautiful being of light and love. I am loving, I am lovable, I AM love! Once I understand this I can see that yes, I am human, I do have flaws, but this doesn't make me a "bad" person, or worthless, or unlovable. The reason we get sucked into other people's fearful delusions is that we are taking whatever is going on personally, when it's not really about us at all.

Healing these old wounds requires going back to the root, and changing the mindset you established in the past. Then you can stand strong when the storm blows in, seeing clearly that what is going on is about someone else acting out of fear. You'll be able to see that it is their own deep-seated fears and insecurities causing them to act out. It's much easier to continue to love them, when you know that what is happening has nothing to do with you.  If you are able to remain calm, loving and unaffected, you actually become a mirror for the person who is temporarily fear-crazed. By not reacting you provide them an opportunity to witness their own self-defeating behavior. This is the best way to help them return to "sanity", a state of love. You don't need to point out their fearful behavior, this only adds fuel to the fire by making them defensive. They will "get it" much faster if you remain in love and allow them to wake up on their own.

Last weekend as I reflected back over the previous week, I realized that I had allowed myself to be dragged into someone else's fear-storm. I had allowed their fearful thinking to activate my old fears and false beliefs about myself, and it was a really rough week as a result. So my last blog post was written about this, and helped me to realize what was happening. I went into the new week after the Labor Day holiday determined to hold my ground if similar events transpired, set on not getting swept up in the emotional tides of others. (This can definitely be a challenge, especially when it's coming from someone close to you like a lover, a best friend, or a boss.) Sure enough, the moment came when the other person's fear-storm started to wind up, but I was able to see it coming and to say to myself "This is not about me!" I didn't allow my ego to start with it's fearful thinking, I was able to stay in a place of love and acceptance, and my week was busy but calm and peaceful. I was able to watch the other person take their ride on their emotional roller coaster, without having to go along. Miraculously, without me feeding my own fearful energy into it, the storm passed quickly, and without reaching it's peak. It's very hard for someone to stay on the attack when you don't react. As it says in A Course In Miracles: "It is in our defenselessness that our power lies." My focus on loving and accepting myself gave me the strength to stay in love and to not join them in their fearful delusion. What a contrast to the week before! It felt like such a victory, and a great reminder that in the struggle between love and fear, love always wins!

Sending you much light and love. May you too find the peace and serenity of becoming the eye of the storm.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Moving Towards the Light

By getting out of my comfort zone in the past 8 months, I have opened myself up to many incredible experiences and received many teachings. I feel as though I have made more progress on my spiritual journey in this time than in many previous years. I feel like I am on the path to becoming my most authentic self, to matching my thoughts and actions with the light-and-love-filled being on the inside. In my mind, this is the ultimate goal of this particular lifetime.

I have reached a point in my growth where I consciously feel tremendous love for everyone. I've reconnected with the essence of my soul that feels only love and joy. I've begun to see and focus on the light that is within myself, and the result is that I'm starting to see the light in everything and everyone. When seen in this way, the world becomes a beautiful place. Instead of being absorbed by self-centered thoughts, I am working on focusing light and love outward. I'm practicing walking or driving down the street, blessing and sending light to each person I pass. The result of this exercise is that I become that much happier, as the light boomerangs back to me, I feel a kind of "love-high".

The challenge is to remain in this state when others close their hearts and choose fear. These situations "push my buttons", causing me to react in kind. This is where I hit the wall, and what I am working on now, trying to not get dragged into the fearful thinking. I am trying to become more aware, to remain in love when others are acting crazy, or lashing out at me, or pushing me away. I am learning through direct experience that when I manage to keep my heart open, to not judge someone's behavior, and to keep pouring love on them, miracles happen! A Course In Miracles says that when one person in a relationship is having "fear-induced hallucinations", the other must stay "sane", stay in love, and to refuse to get dragged along. By doing this you are holding a space for that person to return to, when the hallucination has passed. You are holding the higher vibration, making it virtually impossible for the other person to stay in that fearful state.

This is the ultimate challenge for a light-worker, I think, to stay in that place of love no matter what is going on around you. Something I definitely need more practice in doing, but I think that's exactly what the purpose of living is; loving and learning!

Love and light to you.