Saturday, September 1, 2012

Moving Towards the Light

By getting out of my comfort zone in the past 8 months, I have opened myself up to many incredible experiences and received many teachings. I feel as though I have made more progress on my spiritual journey in this time than in many previous years. I feel like I am on the path to becoming my most authentic self, to matching my thoughts and actions with the light-and-love-filled being on the inside. In my mind, this is the ultimate goal of this particular lifetime.

I have reached a point in my growth where I consciously feel tremendous love for everyone. I've reconnected with the essence of my soul that feels only love and joy. I've begun to see and focus on the light that is within myself, and the result is that I'm starting to see the light in everything and everyone. When seen in this way, the world becomes a beautiful place. Instead of being absorbed by self-centered thoughts, I am working on focusing light and love outward. I'm practicing walking or driving down the street, blessing and sending light to each person I pass. The result of this exercise is that I become that much happier, as the light boomerangs back to me, I feel a kind of "love-high".

The challenge is to remain in this state when others close their hearts and choose fear. These situations "push my buttons", causing me to react in kind. This is where I hit the wall, and what I am working on now, trying to not get dragged into the fearful thinking. I am trying to become more aware, to remain in love when others are acting crazy, or lashing out at me, or pushing me away. I am learning through direct experience that when I manage to keep my heart open, to not judge someone's behavior, and to keep pouring love on them, miracles happen! A Course In Miracles says that when one person in a relationship is having "fear-induced hallucinations", the other must stay "sane", stay in love, and to refuse to get dragged along. By doing this you are holding a space for that person to return to, when the hallucination has passed. You are holding the higher vibration, making it virtually impossible for the other person to stay in that fearful state.

This is the ultimate challenge for a light-worker, I think, to stay in that place of love no matter what is going on around you. Something I definitely need more practice in doing, but I think that's exactly what the purpose of living is; loving and learning!

Love and light to you.

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