Sunday, August 5, 2012

Spiritual Reminders for Modern Times

I recently attended a channeling event where 12 light beings who call themselves the "Light Counsel" came through a medium to share many excellent insights for us earthlings living in these crazy modern times. Where these statements came from does not concern me, what interests me is that they resonated very strongly with my higher self as "truths", and I am inspired to write about them. 

I have written before about my belief that "life" as we know it is actually a classroom, a course in "Being A Human 101" that we beings of light signed up for, before we were born. I think the ultimate purpose of this "class" is to teach us to return to our natural state of pure love and joy, but while in a human body. The Light Counsel put it this way "Life is an experiment...of light beings. The purpose of humanity is to come to One consciousness." They went on to give advice on how to accomplish this One Consciousness: "Be quiet and just listen. Get out of the mind...too much thinking, not enough feeling. Move to the heart. Quiet the mind, go within. 'Feeling' comes from the soul....take action on that." They went on to talk about the "outer world" that we live in, and how so much of it is merely "entertainment" as they put it, distracting us from looking within. "Everything lies within, and this is the opposite of your culture."

I think this really hits home. Western culture is so focused on this "outer world", how much money you make, how big your house is, how much cool "stuff" you have, etc. We are completely missing the point of our existence! In addition to all those distractions, we actually try our hardest not to feel, self-medicating with food, sex, alcohol, drugs, and buying more stuff that we don't need. We need to stop, get still, go within and listen. Our higher self knows why we are here, and it will tell us, if we only take the time to listen. I believe the Light Counsel actually said something like "Close your mouth, close your eyes, and listen!"

One of the other main messages I received during this session was the affirmation that since the main point of our existence is to learn, the lessons come through both negative and positive experiences. There are no "problems" to be solved, only challenges to be learned from. Every "problem" arrives with a gift for you in it's hands, if only you are open and willing to receive. I believe that many challenges and difficulties are meant to move us closer to Spirit, closer to love. To paraphrase Marianne Williamson; "When things get hard, people hit their knees. We need to learn to stay there!"

Another interesting point was the Light Counsel's take on disease, or as they said "Disease = a body not at ease. Disease is a allows you time, time to make peace in your life...and teaches you to live in the moment, to realize what is truly important in life." Again, what we think of as a "problem" is actually a gift, a lesson in this class we call "life."

I am so grateful to have been present for these excellent reminders about the "reality" of life, and especially about the importance of getting still and going within. Now more than ever, the world needs us to be aligned with our higher selves, and to bring forth as much love as we can.

Much love and light to all.

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