Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Reality is Subjective, Choose Heaven.

Some of my best ideas come while I'm sleeping. It seems that my brain doesn't completely shut off at night, the creative juices keep flowing. Last night after writing the previous post, my mind continued to work over those ideas, and I found something more I wanted to say.

Our perception creates our reality. It's common knowledge that our thoughts do help shape our experiences. How ever I choose to perceive a situation will create the reality of that situation, for me. Let's face it, the glass is rarely completely filled. But I get to choose whether I see it as half full, or half empty. Am I going to choose to focus on what I have, or what's missing? Because one will make me feel grateful and happy, the other miserable and angry. Yes it's true that the world has it's share of pain and bad things do happen, but it also has good things, beauty and love, so which am I going to choose to focus on? Maybe some people actually enjoy being miserable, but I think it's more likely their viewpoint has been shaped by the influence of others, and they don't know how to break the cycle, or even realize they have a choice.
I believe heaven and hell are here on earth, and we get to choose which one we live in. As I wrote in the previous post, I choose to view the universe as a loving and benevolent place, bringing me experiences that while admittedly sometimes painful and unpleasant, are ultimately for my growth and learning. Because I believe this, I constantly find evidence to support it in my life, so it becomes my reality. This is heaven. If I choose to believe the opposite, I'm sure I could find plenty to support that too, but my reality would be tortured and filled with pain. This is the meaning of hell.

Which one are you choosing to live in?

Sending you love and light.

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