Monday, June 7, 2010

What Keeps Me Going

Someone asked me recently how I am always able to find the positive in things, no matter the circumstances. I wasn't really sure how to answer except to say that it has to do with my deepest belief that everything happens for a reason, and for the best, whether we can see it or not. As I've said before, I believe the universe is a kind and benevolent energy source. It supplies everything necessary for every living thing to flourish and grow. Flowers, weeds, trees, animals, fish, insects, reptiles AND human beings. It's a matter of trusting and allowing. Having faith and letting go.

Often it's the things that are most important to us that are the most difficult to surrender. I realized this to be very true in my own life. For example, when I needed a new place to live, I would set my intentions, visualize what I wanted, and trust the universe to provide. Of course, I still had to get on the Internet and pound the pavement, but invariably in short order I would find something even better than I had imagined. I did the same thing with finding new jobs, with the same results. I wasn't even aware that I was doing this until a friend of mine said "You always find the coolest places to live, and the best jobs. You must be really good at manifesting things!" She was right, I had learned to surrender those two areas. However, my love life was another story. This was THE most important area of my life to me, so of course I was desperately trying to control it, with little or no success. Finally, after all these years I was able to truly surrender this area, to say "If it's meant to be, so be it. If not, I know I'll be OK." I found such peace, like a burden had been lifted that was far too heavy for me to carry alone. Naturally that's exactly when big, true, soul-mate type love walked in the door and rocked my world.

I believe life is like a big roaring river of energy, and we are all deep in it, part of it, whether we know it or not. Some of us cling to the reeds at the bottom, terrified to let go and see where the current takes us, afraid we'll be smashed to bits against the rocks. Others are kicking, screaming, fighting and panicking, afraid we will drown. But I've found if you can just relax and allow the river to flow, you will find you can float, and even swim along with the current. And although there might be rapids from time to time, or even some falls to circumnavigate, if you allow it, the river will carry you safely to a peaceful, deep, safe harbor, where you were meant to be all along.

This belief is what keeps me going when life gets tough, what gives me faith in the bad times. Life isn't always easy, but it's a great ride if you can let go and enjoy it!

Sending you love, light and peaceful waters.

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