Saturday, January 1, 2011

Be as a candle....

"A few who pass through this world that's so alive with excitement and temptation are seized by a hunger for the simple holy ways.

And you who now gaze upon these words, are you of that hungry tribe?
Are you a pilgrim of the soul, searching for the secret cup?

Have you the gift of sacred curiosity?
Are you one who has glimpsed the Other World?
And have you heard the blessed realm is closer than your breath? Or thought? Or the supple thread of life?

And if you nod your head and murmur yes and yes and yes again, then know that you tend the sacred flame. You are a keeper of the Light.

Then it is given and charged that you must now keep your heart open and divest yourself of all that is uncharitable and vexatious, whether your days are shot with starlight or set with shadow. Be wary and wise, a steady witness to the changeless Truth.

O Friend, O Love, to win this race,
Be you as a candle in a windless place.

And blessed shall you be."
(From "Celtic Blessings" by Michael Green)

Come with me....let's fly in 2011.

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