Monday, February 7, 2011

Vanessa's Legacy

A beautiful soul was taken from us this past weekend, way too soon. It's such a shock when someone young passes unexpectedly, like someone turned off a light and those left behind are suddenly plunged into darkness. She was young, beautiful, sweet, happy, and extremely talented. She radiated goodness. Why does it truly seem that only the good die young? We are left to wonder.

I feel like her final gift to us is the realization of how fragile and very precious life is. We take it so for granted, that we will always have a tomorrow. But losing her has made it so clear; we can be here one minute, going about our everyday life, and gone the next. Even more reason to be here, now, fully present. You may not have a tomorrow, or even this afternoon. Even more reason to laugh, to relax and not worry, to say a kind word to everyone you meet, for it might be the last word you speak, your legacy. Even more reason to love, every day, all day, in every way. To give as much as you can, and like Vanessa to share your passion and your light with the world while you still can. Nothing in life is guaranteed, more time certainly isn't. Live every moment to the fullest. Live large. Don't hold back, go for anything you want, take a risk, give your heart. Before the chance is gone.

I believe we cannot be taken from here until we have finished what we came to do, and usually this brings me comfort in a situation like this. But when someone so young, so full of life and promise is taken, it's hard to understand. I can only trust that she had completed her mission, as hard to accept as that is for those left behind to miss and mourn her.

Love is energy and as such, doesn't ever dissipate. Vanessa is pure love, a spark of divine energy and as such goes on. It's as if we are all walking down a path and she's just gone ahead of us around a bend in the road. Just because we can't see her any longer doesn't mean she no longer exists. She's still here, just out of our view, for now. And she carries our love, our energy, with her as she goes.

My image of Vanessa is of her always smiling. I think that wherever she is now she is smiling. She feels how much we love her, and she knows now what we do not, that she is alright, she's happy, she's free. And I know she's still with us and always will be.

Sending you love and light Nessa, to warm you on your way. You are forever in our hearts, and in our hearts you are forever young and beautiful.

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