Thursday, December 20, 2012

12/21/12 Gateway to Ascension

Thanks to media hype, I think everyone is very aware that according to the ancient Mayans, the world as we know it is ending tomorrow. Some people have chosen to take that literally, but many spiritual beings believe that the prophecy likely refers to a major shift in consciousness, away from fear and back to our natural state of love. As 12/21/12 draws near, there is talk of "ascension", a term that has many definitions, depending on who you ask. One on-line article I read details an "influx of supreme energy" that began on 12/12/12 and will become stronger and more intense on 12/21, lasting through the end of the year. It states that although to some the world may still appear to be unchanged tomorrow, it is not. Ascension is defined as "the shift in the Earth’s vibrational frequency from the third dimension to the fifth dimension of living. The ascension process is similar to a change from analog to digital, from monochrome to color. It is a return to the Crystalline Age. As dimensional grids make a shift, the natural laws that govern time and space will apparently change....When you are living in the third dimension, you are mostly concerned with what is going on in the physical or material plane. However, living in the fifth dimension aligns you with a consciousness that is based on love and light, a non-dual reality and the surrender of your higher spiritual self. Very importantly, it also allows you to access previously “untapped” capabilities, enabling you to live in a more evolved bio-energetic state."

Something is definitely transpiring. I am seeing it all around  me, in the attitudes and actions of others as well as myself. Some people are becoming more calm, more loving, more centered and balanced. Others are becoming very agitated, anxious, even angry, without knowing why. Random acts of violence are occurring, more extreme and senseless than ever as we approach this portal, as in the Sandy Hook school shooting. Those still vibrating at lower, negative frequencies are feeling the free-floating angst, and are acting out. I think all humans are experiencing the "pull" of this on-coming wave of energy in some way, much like standing in shallow water at the beach and feeling the power of the ocean trying to drag you out to the depths with it. I believe the appropriate response to the huge tidal surge of energy currently happening is to go still, relax, and allow it to take you home. I think we are being lifted higher, so that our perspective will allow us to see the fearful illusions of this "third dimensional" world, and we'll be able to see that we are actually held safe in love, and our fears are ego-based lies. 

I'm planning to spend this evening with like-minded beings cleansing in the ocean, and tomorrow in meditation. We are being transformed to higher versions of ourselves. Our focus is being redirected to our spirit and away from the material world. Relax, trust, surrender. Allow the shift to happen, you are being "reset" to love. It is the dawning of a new age. All is well. All is unfolding exactly as it should.

Love and light to all.


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