Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Learning the Truth About You!

We are born as innocents, knowing only love and joy. Up until the age of 5 or 6, you were like a little sponge, watching, learning, coming to conclusions about the way the world functioned, and your place in it. You knew nothing about anything, so you instinctively and automatically looked to the "grown ups" in your life for instruction. You observed the way they acted, listened to the things they said, watched the way they interacted with each other. And likely you modeled yourself and your actions on them, as it was the only way you knew to do it. The problem with this method of learning is that our parents, siblings, and the other "grown ups" in our lives were humans, and therefore less than perfect examples. (In some cases, far less than perfect!)

In this same way your beliefs about yourself, your worth and value were born of your experiences with these same people, and the messages they gave you, both spoken and, by how they treated you, unspoken. But again, being flawed by nature, they made mistakes. They have their own fears, their own negative beliefs about themselves too. It's likely they love you very much in their own way, and did the best they knew how at the time. Parenting is one of the most important responsibilities in life, but unfortunately there is no hand book or training class! Chances are their behavior towards you was based, for better or worse, on how their parents, siblings, and families treated them, and so it goes, on and on. In this way, while growing up chances are you may have had experiences that taught you, directly or indirectly that you are "bad" or "not good enough" in some way. Know that this is universal among humans! Most of us have some degree of "I'm not good enough" and/or "I'm not worthy" in our belief system. Once this is ingrained in us this belief then transforms into "I don't deserve anything good" and/or "I don't deserve to be loved".

So the image you hold of yourself, your value in the world, your worthiness of being loved is likely very flawed, and possibly extremely flawed. Know that those decisions and conclusions you reached by age 5 or 6 are likely incorrect, and could be based on information that was completely misinterpreted by your child's innocent mind and limited experience. No matter what you may have been taught to believe, you are a good person, you have value and deserve to be loved and respected. It's important to understand this, and to really integrate it into your thinking because it colors how you see everything.

Here is the truth:

You are a "God-spark", a star-bright being of pure light and divine love. Spirit created you in it's own divine image therefore you are divine! You came to this earthly dimension as Spirit, incarnated as a human being wearing a temporary suit made of flesh in order to experience the world of the physical senses. (I love director Ron Howard's image above, from the movie "Cocoon" as a great illustration of who we really are!) If you watch any baby or small child under the age of 4, you can see that they are pure love and spontaneous delight in the world around them. Babies and young children are so pure, saying exactly what they are feeling and thinking with no filters, and filled with love and joy. When you were a child there was no such thing as a "stranger", you loved everyone and everything! You had to be taught to be cautious, to be afraid. Fear is learned, it is not our true nature. 

You are not your body. You are not even your mind, or your thoughts, or feelings. You are the one inside this body, looking out through these eyes. You are the one observing your thoughts passing through your mind, like clouds floating across a blue sky. "You" are your soul, the "higher self", the part of you that remains the same as it was the day you were born, a being of pure light, love, and joy.

Once you fully understand and integrate this concept into your core thinking, you will become aware of the areas where your old self-limiting beliefs conflict with the truth. The secret to real peace and happiness is "unlearning" these deeply ingrained beliefs, uncovering them for what they truly are, mis-perceptions that your EGO-centric child's mind created, and mistook for "truth". We must uncover and heal those old wounds that taught us to think falsely about our divine, brilliant selves. We have learned to be afraid, and in doing so were separated from love. All our misery stems from this, our challenge in this life is to un-learn it. Our challenge is to leave the state of fear, and return to a state of love.

Sending love from my divine, light-filled being to yours!!/TheSpiritualGirlsGuideToLoveAndTheUniverse 


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