Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Power of A Circle

A circle is a powerful thing. An unbroken line with no beginning, no end, going on and on within itself for infinity. The old ones knew this, as evidenced by the remains of ancient stone circles all over the British Isles. It cannot be known for certain what these circles were used for, but theory suggests they were the sites of rituals: welcoming and celebrating the changing seasons, marking births and deaths. All part of the cycles of life, all never-ending circles. These same cultures knew the power of women, which is why the male-dominated religions, especially Christianity, banned these types of gatherings in the early days of the church. But women need to gather together. We are the keepers of the emotional flames of life and love. We have a deep-seated need to share our joys, our pain, our knowledge, and our hard-won wisdom, to pass it down to those to come after us. In today's world, we no longer meet by the river to wash our clothes, or gather together to spin and weave, so we have grown apart and our collective power diminished. But I believe the need to gather and to share still exists deep within us, and it is up to us to find new ways to satisfy these ancient longings.

I attended my first "women's circle" yesterday, a wonderful event titled "Women, Intuition, and Relationships." It was led and organized by two beautiful (both physically, and spiritually) and amazing women, Nancy Kerner and Anne Valeron. I felt the radiance of their beings, so much love, as they mirrored and reflected my own light back to me. Over and over again through the day Spirit affirmed to me the things already known to my soul, but doubted by my rational mind. I was reminded that I have the power of deep knowing, as my Celtic ancestors did, it is only my modern-day mind, my ego that refutes. Spending a day in that incredible environment, I was filled to over-flowing with love and inspiration, and emerged feeling empowered to step into my highest truth, and to fulfill my highest purpose and destiny.

The power of a circle is that a space is created to be filled. Yesterday Spirit filled that circle and created the environment for many miracles, both large and small to take place. It was such a powerful, fantastic experience to stand and to share in the incredible space that was held by love. Love in it's purest form is POWER, it is MAGIC. Women know this in our hearts. There is no question in my mind that everyone who participated yesterday was transformed, possibly even more than we are presently aware, after spending time in that magical circle.

Much love and light to all the powerful women out there!

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