Monday, February 25, 2013

Your Life is Not About You

Your life is not actually about you. It's about the lives you touch, the energy you put out. There's a ripple effect that reaches far beyond what you can see. I believe we come into this world with a divine purpose, or a "soul-assignment" for this particular life-class. The way to determine your soul-assignment is to pay attention to what brings you joy, to your daydreams, to that small voice inside that guides you. If you choose to listen and follow, life flows more easily, doors swing open, miracles happen. If we choose to not listen and to turn away life is harder, filled with challenges and difficulties. When things get hard you are either learning a valuable lesson that is to prepare you for bigger things to come, or you've gotten "off track" somehow and the Universe is trying to guide you back. If you stray and get lost, the Universe acts like a giant sheep-dog, bumping and blocking you, trying to herd you back onto your path! It's constructed to help you become the highest version of yourself and supports you in every way when you move in that direction.

 When you are taking steps towards your divine purpose, "following your bliss", not only will your life unfold more smoothly but your actions will automatically have a positive effect on everyone around you. The closer the person, the more positive and powerful the effect will be. By choosing to walk your path you will be directly or indirectly assisting and inspiring them to find their own divine destiny, helping them to walk their path.

We are all in this together, all joined, all One. Whatever you put out ripples far away through the hearts of others, and eventually comes back to you magnified. Follow your divine purpose, walk in love, and live in peace and joy all of your days.


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