Saturday, July 14, 2012

Love Is All Around Us

"I feel it in my fingers,
I feel it in my toes.
Love is all around me,
and so the feeling grows.
It's written on the wind,
it's everywhere I go...."

Like the lyrics to that old song, I believe love is all around us, it's the only thing that's real. Everything else is a hallucination, a dream created by our ego and our human psyche. For years I've been finding heart-shaped things, everywhere! Heart-shaped rocks, leaves, and lately, clouds. When it happens, I feel it's a message from the Universe; You are loved. A "love note" from Spirit, what a gift! On Valentine's Day last year I was walking to my car at Raleigh studios in Hollywood. Lying precisely next to my car in the parking lot was a piece of dry-wall, used in set construction, in the shape of a perfect heart! It was the best "valentine" I ever received, and I still have it. I think these messages are around us every day, if we are only open enough to receive.

In the last year or so I've begun doing a creative visualization where I am floating on a river of divine love and light, safe and gently supported, the flow taking me to where I am meant to be. Yes, there are rapids along the way, and sometimes I do bump up against a rock or two, getting an awakening of some kind, but I am always guided safely out of danger in the end, if I allow the river to take me. I've been doing this visualization daily for many months, it's been very helpful in this scary-I'm-not-in-control period of my life. (And really, let's be honest, how often are we actually IN control?? We just like to think we are!) But finally it hit me; the river of love is not only all around me, it runs through me! I am not separate from the flow, I am part of it, the way a drop of the river cannot be separate, and a wave cannot be separate from the ocean. I am a "drop" of divine light and love, as we all are, flowing together, and it's impossible for us to be separated from our source, or each other. It is only our ego, our human side that wants us to think we are alone.

Love is all around us, because we are love. As such we can never be unloved, we can never be unlovable. Our greatest fears are a lie! Love is all around us, in the winds that caress our face, the ocean that washes us clean, the rain that blesses us, the animals, even the rocks and trees. This is why being in nature is so calming and healing. If you stay awake, present in the moment, you will feel this love, this divine flow. You will start to see signs, all around you, everyday. And you'll realize how truly blessed and loved you are. You are loved. You are love.

Much love and light to all.

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