Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Remembering Des

Desiree Hoaka Anderson-De Thierry passed away 3 months ago at the age of 35. They say she died in her sleep, but I think we are the ones who are asleep, dreaming a dream of an illusionary world. She’s merely woken up from that dream. I only knew her for a month or so, but she was such an incredible spirit that she really touched me deeply in that short time, as she did so many people. She was a beautiful soul, pure love and joy, always smiling, always laughing, always singing. To know Des was to love her, and I am forever changed by knowing her. Obviously, many people knew her much better, and longer than I, but I am a writer and it's my way of processing, to put down what she meant to me. Losing her was such a shock, such a sudden blow to the heart that it’s taken me these 3 months to know what I wanted to say.

I believe we enter this world with a soul-contract, a divine purpose or actually, many divine purposes. We come to this plane to have the human experience, to live, laugh, and to learn how to return to our divine essence; pure unconditional love and joy. I believe that we can’t be taken from here, we are virtually indestructible, until we’ve finished what we came here to do. I believe Des did it, she accomplished her mission, and has gone home. She had succeeded in becoming the embodiment of divine light and unconditional love. She welcomed each new person not just into her life and her arms (with the best hugs in the world!), but into her open heart as well. Just as small children come into this world still in their purest state, knowing nothing but love and joy, so was Desiree. She never met a stranger, believed only the best of everyone, and showed by example what real love looked like.

There is a reason “only the good die young.” They have already come to understand that we are all divine sparks of love, and that like the flames of the fire, we cannot be separated. We are truly all One. Desiree was such a bright flame, it was impossible for her to stay in human form for long. She was so light-filled that she simply slipped the bonds of the body, it couldn’t hold her any longer. Now she’s able to do what she did best; love and care for those nearest and dearest to her. Now she’s able to be everywhere, all the time, watching over us, helping us even more from the other side. When I think of her I am reminded to live in the moment more fully, to laugh as hard and often as possible, that music brings joy and lifts the soul, and to live with my heart open as wide as possible. Her legacy is to remind us that life is short, and love is all that really matters. It’s the only thing that’s real.

Desiree spent time here in Hawaii, meeting her “rainbow ohana”, and was given her Hawaiian spiritual name; “Hoaka”. The translation of this word is “flash of light”, and it suited her perfectly. She truly was a flash of light, incandescent love, and spiritual inspiration, illuminating our lives, striking our hearts, and changing us. And then like the lightning bolt, she was gone. We are made up of energy, and science has proven that energy never ceases to exist, it only changes form. She has not left us, she’s merely transmuted and transformed into pure light. She is everywhere now, and although our human eyes can no longer behold her, if you use the eyes of your heart and soul, you will find her. She’s the light that dances on top of the ocean waves, the diamond-sparkles on fresh snow, the brilliant colors of the rainbow. She’s the joy I feel in my heart when I think of her. Now she’s forever “sweet”.

Mahalo Des, for being part of my dream. Much love and light on your journey, beautiful Sister.


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