Sunday, July 8, 2012

Random Thoughts on the "Grand Plan"

For many months leading up to my move to Hawaii, my intuition told me that this big change in my life would be an important part of my spiritual journey. I felt very “divinely-led” and supported in making this leap of faith, so many circumstances occurred in just the right way, things lining up almost miraculously, allowing it to all fall into place almost effortlessly on my part. One of my friends said, upon welcoming me “home”, that he thought living here would make me “more myself” than ever before. After only 6 months here, I am already beginning to see that he was right. I feel as though I am growing, expanding, and relaxing into being the most authentic version of myself yet, and it’s all occurring at a very rapid rate. That same friend introduced me to my “Kumu” (teacher) of the ancient art of lomi-lomi, and the Hawaiian spiritual principles that are an integral part of it. In the time I’ve spent with her, she has given me many gifts, but perhaps the most precious was helping me to understand a small part of my divine purpose in this lifetime. She told me that I am a “bridge” between this world and the world of Spirit, and that I would help people to find their path, discovering their own light and divine purpose on the way. I have no idea exactly how I’m supposed to do this wonderful thing, but I am trusting that Spirit has a plan, and all will be revealed in time!

In the meantime, I’ve been feeling very inspired to share all the amazing experiences I’m having by writing this blog. Perhaps I will help others who are on a journey of expansion and growth in some small way. I’ve also felt led to offer Tarot readings, as I’ve been doing them for friends and family for years, and the cards have been very helpful in my own life. I’m able to “hear” the messages they offer, and intuitively interpret them for others. I truly believe that we all have the gift of intuition, that small voice in our mind, often accompanied by a physical “gut feeling”. But I think that for most of us our emotions, particularly our fears, often drown out that voice, or our so-called “rational” mind denies our abilities entirely. The results of these readings have been so rewarding. So often I am saying things that the client already “knows”, but they need an impartial confirmation. I get so much joy and fulfillment from feeling like I have helped shine the light in the darkness, and provide some clarity in difficult situations.

When I moved to Hawaii 6 months ago, I thought I knew how things would work out....I was so wrong. Things have actually turned out so much better! As Oprah says "The dream you dream is big, but the dream the Universe dreams for you is SO MUCH BIGGER!" Sometimes you gotta let go and let Spirit do it's thing. I think of life as one of those “line drawings” the ancient Nazca people created in Peru, that are mysteriously only visible from a mountain top or airplane. When you are down in the trench, digging the ditch every day, following the twists and turns, you can’t really see the design that‘s emerging. It’s only when you allow yourself to be lifted up, and often in hindsight, that you can see why things had to happen the way that they did, and you can see what a beautiful piece of art you have created. I guess I can’t worry about what the “grand plan” for my destiny is. I can only show up one day at a time, listen to my internal guidance system and keep digging the ditch, with as much love as I can. I trust that the Universe has the plan, and that in the end I will see the beauty and meaning of what we have created together.

Sending light and love.





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